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Our vision is to see every woman and girl embrace the reality of God's love recognizing that as daughters of the King of all Kings, they are royal princesses with complete access to the Heavenly Father.

God's gurls are royal. Yes, she is a heiress and princess. God's gurl is unique. She is peculiar and one of a kind. God's gurl is virtuous. She has a value that no one but God himself can afford. God's gurls belong to the King of Kings and this page is created to inspire, encourage, and admonish those that know who they are to continue walking in that knowledge and pass that sense of being along to a ladies, young and mature, so they would recognize their worth.

God sees all his daughters as royalty. Unfortunately, we do not embrace our true identity as God’s gurl, especially if we do not know it.... Too many young ladies choose to believe what the “world” tells them. I see such a need to address low self-esteem with the truth of God’s principles.My goal is for our young ladies to embrace the reality of God’s love and their relationship to Him, as the King’s daughter; being encouraged to share who they are. Simply click here or the like button below & join us on Facebook and @godsgurlinc


God’s Gurl, Inc. is a charitable and religious educational organization that exists to reach women across generations to teach them their spiritual identity and empower them to fulfill their God-given purpose. 

We sum up the mission in three words.  REACH. TEACH. BUILD.

Through outreach, we extend ministry to women specifically but men are welcome to bring the girls/women in their lives.  Our main approach will be through our citywide rallies called The Rallypoint.  These events are where women of various backgrounds and generations will come together to be empowered and educated through workshops, speakers and worship.  We connect with local organizations to offer mentoring and training for lifeskills training.  We connect and inform through our website (, our Facebook page (God’s Gurl), and 

Our teachings focus on identity, value, and purpose but we teach on overall character.  We have developed unique and universal curriculum that address the four pillars that make up the whole woman (woman includes girls and teens): Matters of the Mind, Heart, Soul, and Body. The Princess Program is geared toward youth (Little Ladies ages 6-12) and teens  (Young Ladies ages 13-19) and are packed with hands-on activities and interactive discussion. 

Our goal is not only to instruct and counsel our target populations but also to build relationships and collaborate with organizations in neighborhoods that we operate in to connect and develop youth and women’s ministries in every community. God’s Gurl strives become a clearinghouse for strategic partnerships with local and national organizations that have similar missions and visions. We will also serve in various capacities in the community by serving as mentors to girls and women. 

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