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Who Will Want ME?

Who Will Want Me? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you definitely are not alone. When life happens to us to shake the foundation of who we are, we immediately go into introspection mode and search for our flaw(s). What is that one thing that if we can just get under control, we would be perfect. Or for some others, we want at total new start. Well, first, let me answer that question. Who will want you? God will want you!!! The creator of the ENTIRE universe rearranges his schedule to see about you! In fact, He knows that you are not perfect and He loves you, flaws and all. He is not like us. He does not hold our mistakes against us. He is looking to love you when you can be the hardest critic of yourself. It would be unfair to hold God to the standard that you hold on yourself. In fact, that is the very thing I want to really discuss. It is unfair of you to hold yourself to that standard of perfection, especially if God doesn't. You and I will inevitably make mistakes. Some of them will only affect ourself but some will affect others. However, you have to give yourself time to recognize your error and set a plan to to avoid repeating the error. It is imperative that you forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself stops you from putting yourself in a mental jail. You must accept that you are not perfect, especially if our mistakes affect others; particularly some one extremely close to you. It can be difficult to let the emotions connected to the error go, but for your mental and emotional health, it is your only option. You have to audibly say, "God forgives me for my _______. I forgive me for my ________." If someone else is involved, say that persons name, "_______ has forgiven me for my _______. I forgive myself and am choosing to release all feelings of guilt, embarrassment, and the I-should-have-known-better feelings . I am moving forward more aware of myself and will protect myself from this ever happening again." Should you make the same or another mistake again, which you very well might, you will need to work through this process again. So back to our original question, if you had ever thought or asked your self, "Who will want me?" This may be an indication that you do not want you. You must accept your self before another person will. Only you can show others who you are. But one fact that you can never waiver from is GOD ALWAYS WANTS YOU. In fact, it is in the times when you feel this way, He wants you more.


If you find yourself asking this question again, the next four steps may help you process through your thoughts.

a. Who will want me?

God wants you. His thoughts of you matter the most. Jeremiah 29: 11 For I know the plans and thoughts that I have towards you plans to give you a future and a hope and bring you to an expected end.

b. Why did I have that thought?

You are feeling badly about a decision that you made that you think will disqualify you from being accepted by others. You have to realize that you are not accepting yourself.

c. How do I accept myself and move on differently?

You simply do it. I accept that fact that I am not perfect and do not expect others to think that I am. When I do something that lets my own expectation down, I must forgive mysefl and learn from it to not repeat it.

d. Choose to let go of it.

You could possibly finding yourself releasing it over and over until it is no longer a thought. But it is important that each time you think of it, you release it.


Let me pray for you: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your compassion and omniscient power. I ask that you will relieve the reader of this blog entry from the unnecessary burden that they have put on himself or herself. They have decided to take the negative thoughts captive and I ask that you will give them the strength to let the thought go for good. Heal their mind to be free to believe that their worth is unmeasurable. Jesus died for them to have this freedom and I am grateful for their lives. Help this reader to see himself or herself as you see them. Thank you for changing their life today. In Christ's Name, Amen.

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